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Femap is a software package for Windows which provides pre- and post-processing features for finite element method (FEM) analysis .
A series of operations, from creation/modification of geometry to finite element modeling and post-processing, can be performed together, providing an efficient, streamlined working environment.
Equipped with interfaces compatible with numerous CAD data formats and analysis solvers, its high versatility enables it to encompass CAE in a neutral setting, and it can also be employed as a central part of an analysis solution.
All over the world, it is being used in a wide range of industries, such as automotive, shipbuilding, aircraft, heavy industry, building and construction, precision engineering and electrical equipment, and it continues to be the choice of numerous engineers due to its reliability and track record. Femap has established a strong position among the numerous pre/post-processors available as software which is reasonably priced yet highly functional and easy to use.
Even today, over 20 years since its birth, we continue to expand its feature set, aiming for greater ease of use and functionality. It also supports 64bit, making it capable of handling large-scale models.

Features of Femap

○Full-featured CAD/Analysis program interface
○High-speed generation of high-quality meshes
○Efficient finite element modeling
○Interface designed for ease of use
○Versatile and effective results display feature
○Advanced customization features

Latest Version

With Femap v11, we have extended functionality by improving the processing of result data in order to handle analyses which are increasing in scale, improving graphics architecture and adding support for external super elements, in addition to adding a feature to create geometry from meshes, as well as new features mainly to renovate the XY plotting (graphing) function.
The newly-added "attach" feature in Femap v11 minimizes .modfem file sizes by not incorporating analysis results internally into the Femap database and instead writing them to an external file, achieving significant efficiency improvements through faster data access and compression of memory usage. Moreover, as it is now possible to use Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO), one of OpenGL's features, improved performance of dynamic rotation display of large-scale models is possible. In addition, it is now possible to adjust definition analysis/creation settings for external super elements with the Femap's user interface. A feature to create surfaces from existing meshes has also been added, and the XY plotting feature has been reborn as a charting feature.
Femap with NX Nastran v11, which bundles Femap and NX Nastran, uses the latest version of the NX Nastran 8.5, as its analysis solver, and NX Nastran's new features can be used in addition to traditional features.

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