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NST/Supporting your company with CAE/FEM technology.Supporting your companywith CAE/FEM technology.

products_info/Supporting your companywith CAE/FEM technology.


  • femap
  • solid_edge
  • nx_nastran
  • optishape-ts


 FEMAP Windows compatible with various 3D-CAD  and solver interfaces. Handles everything from mesh generation to post-processing. Also supports 64bit, making large-scale modeling/meshing possible.

 Solid Edge Mid-range 3D-CAD. Working together with the "Femap" pre/post-processor, model data can be translated directly. Comes with basic analysis features (FemapExpress)

 NX Nastran In addition to static analysis, eigenvalue analysis, buckling analysis, thermal conductivity analysis and design sensitivity analysis, NASTRAN's renowned basic nonlinear analysis is also possible.

 Femap with NX Nastran A desktop structural analysis solution package which integrates the structural analysis program "NX NASTRAN" and the pre/post-processor "Femap."

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