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NX Nastran

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NX Nastran

NX Nastran is a new-generation thermostructural analysis solution provided by Siemens PLM Software, the world leader in product lifecycle management (PLM) software and related services.

NASTRAN is an analysis program that was born out of the space development project, where failure is not tolerated, and for more than 40 years it has been highly robust and has track record of catering to the strict demands of a wide variety of fields. NX Nastran is a solution, befitting of the 21st century, which inherits that same robustness and track record and introduces plenty of the latest analytical technologies.

It is equipped with the very latest features, such as a 64-bit address space and parallel processing using cluster machines, and goes beyond the boundaries of traditional NASTRAN, handling both large-scale problems and advanced nonlinear analysis flexibly.
Moreover, while NX Nastran is the latest solution, models analyzed in the past can also be processed with the latest program, and past assets will not go to waste and can be inherited efficiently.

NX Nastran Solution

NX Nastran provides the following two solutions.

<Enterprise Solution – NX Nastran EnterpriseNX>

Nastran Enterprise is a standalone type solution which demonstrates the highest performance in usage environments in large-scale organizations like the departmental/enterprise level.
It can be used on servers in network environments, so you can select the number of installations flexibly based on the content of the analysis.
As it can run on several operating systems, such as Windows, UNIX and Linux, if you have a finite element pre/processor which can create Nastran input files, it can be used as the frontend to any kind of software.
In addition, as parallel processing using cluster machines is also possible, it can also be used for extremely large-scale problems.

<Desktop Solution – Femap with NX Nastran>

It is a compact solution which combines NX Nastran with the Femap finite element pre/post-processor.
On Windows, a complete sequence from modeling to analysis execution and checking of results can be run on Femap, covering analyses from small to medium scale.
For details, please refer to the "Femap with NX Nastran product information page".

In addition, Femap with NX Nastran differs from NX Nastran Enterprise as shown in the table below.

Comparison of NX Nastran Enterprise and Femap with NX Nastran

Item NX Nastran Enterprise Femap with NX Nastran
Platform Windows
Windows 64bit
Linux ×
Linux 64bit ×
Break-even point Basic 5 users or more Up to 5 users
Dynamic Response 3 users or more Up to 3 users
Advanced Nonlinear 2 users or more Up to 2 users
Command limitations Include
Preprocessor limitations None Yes
Flexibility Remote execution ×
Job queue ×
Card change ×
Model scale 250 million degrees of freedom 20 million degree of freedom
Analysis features Linear static analysis
Eigenvalue analysis
Buckling analysis
Steady-state thermal conduction analysis
Transient thermal conduction analysis
Basic nonlinear static analysis
Basic nonlinear transient analysis
Linear transient analysis
Frequency response analysis
Spectrum response analysis
Response spectrum analysis
Random response analysis
Acoustic analysis
Complex eigenvalue analysis
Advanced nonlinear static analysis
Advanced nonlinear transient analysis
Advanced explicit non-linear transient analysis
Aeroelastic analysis
Design sensitivity/
optimization analysis
Super Elements
Rotor Dynamics
Shared-memory parallel processing-SMP
Distributed-memory parallel processing-DMP ×
Linux ×
Linux 64bit ×
Frequency domain decomposition ×
Structural domain decomposition ×
Frequency - structural domain decomposition ×

Femap with NX Nastran has the following usage limitations.

1.It cannot analyze analysis models other than those exported from Femap.
2.The only supported OS is Windows.
3. Because of the supported OS, there are some features which cannot be used. (DMP)

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